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How can I forget your smile?
A smile that make me pause for a while
A smile that sometimes made my face sigh
A smile that I want to see in my everyday life

I cant stop myself thinking about you
I cant stop my mouth to say things about you
I never stopped loving you
I think im over in love with you.

LIKE IT WAS MEANT TO BE- a peter pan/wendy darling

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Digi Art..

This isn’t an orig photo from mine. can’t help myself but post this to dashboard :)

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Distance just an inch
Never reachable.
Separated by the thinnest air
Still untouchable.
There was never a bind
Not even a strand of connection.
You’re never a part of me.
But when you tripped,
I also fall.


Sablay na sa fliptop
Panis pa ang pick-up
Pinilit pumorma
Wala namang back-up
Hinapit ang palda
Nguso’y nginudngod sa pulang pintura
Retouch na lang ng make up?

Teka, ‘wag kang kukurap
Baka magtago ang chismis
At sabay tumlilis
Si Neneng sa dilim
Nang mailawan ay Boom!

Huli sana ng tanod.
Kaso nagflip-top
Pick up na lang ulit?